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Then, great circles are drawn from the North point through these segment points to the South point. The intersection of these lines with the ecliptic zodiac make up the house cusps according to Regiomontanus. So, the sky is - similar to the Campanus system - divided like an orange, but the different segments of the 'orange' have different sizes. The equal house system defines the Ascendant as the cusp of the first house.

The 10th house cusp therefore does not coincide with the MC but is square to the Ascendant and consequently the highest point of the zodiac above the horizon. This house system places the MC exactly on the cusp of the 10th house. The Ascendant does not usually coincide with the cusp of the 1st house. The Vehlow house system belongs to the equal "same size" house systems.

Mars in 8th house of birth chart

Here, the Ascendant is placed exactly in the middle of the first house. Ascendant and MC therefore do not coincide with a house cusp. The Whole Sign house system considers the whole sign of the zodiac that contains the Ascendant as the first house. The following zodiac sign is the second house and so on. Here, houses are always complete zodiac signs. The Whole Sign houses belong to the group of equal "same size" houses. The first house begins at the cusp of Aries, all houses have the same size "equal" , and each house covers a whole zodiac sign.

Similar to the Campanus system, the Meridian system resembles a well-proportioned 'orange' but with the difference that the axis of this 'orange' is not placed on the horizon but runs through the celestial poles. In fact, the celestial equator is divided into 12 equal-sized segments starting at the Meridian.

Then, Meridian circles are drawn through these segment points. The Meridian house cusps are created by the intersections of these circles with the ecliptic. The MC in the Meridian house system is identical with the 10th house cusp but the Ascendant is not identical with the cusp of the 1st house.

The Meridian system can be interpreted as a time-oriented as well as space-oriented segmentation of the celestial sphere. The Porphyry house system creates the intermediate houses by dividing each of the four quadrants into three equal-sized segments.

Mars In 8th House Woman

The Alcabitius house system divides the diurnal arc of the Ascendant into six equal-sized segments. Then, Meridian circles are drawn through the resulting segments. The places where the circles intersect the ecliptic mark the cusps of the Alcabitius houses. Alternatively, the nocturnal arc can be divided into six parts and Meridian circles drawn through the resulting segments. The Alcabitius house system assigns particular significance to the Ascendant-Descendant axis, because the measure of division is given by the diurnal arc of the zodiacal degree of the Ascendant at birth.

In this house system, first a vertical great circle is drawn through Ascendant, Zenith, Descendant and Nadir. This is then divided into 12 equal-sized segments, and Meridian circles are drawn through the resulting segment points. The house cusps result from the intersections of the Meridian circles with the ecliptic.

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In this method, Ascendant and MC are identical with the 1st and 10th house cusps. This house system was invented by three astrologers independently of each other: the Pole Bogdan Krusinski , the Czech Milan Pisa and the Swiss Georg Goelzer More information is found in the Documentation of the Swiss Ephemeris, chapter 6. The horizon house system divides the sky according to the four cardinal directions. The cusp of the 1st house is exactly due East, the 10th is exactly due South.

The celestial sphere is divided into 12 segments, like an orange similar to the Campanus and Meridian system , with the axis of the orange running through the Zenith and Nadir, and its 'equator' resting on the horizon. The house cusps result from the intersections of the twelve segments with the ecliptic.

In the horizon house system, the 10th house cusp is identical with the MC, but the 1st house cusp is not identical with the Ascendant. In the Morinus system, the celestial equator is divided into twelve equal-sized segments starting from the Meridian. The segment points on the equator are then converted to the ecliptical coordinate system. The ecliptic longitudes of these points make up the twelve house cusps. In the Morinus house system the 10th house cusp deviates slightly from the MC. Similarly, the 1st house cusp is not identical with the Ascendant. The house system is named after the French philosopher, mathematician and astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin Latin: Morinus, An article on Morin's Method of Determination not his house system!

The Polich-Page house system also 'topocentric house system' is mathematically defined as follows: The tangent of the polar elevations of the intermediate houses corresponds to one or two thirds respectively of the tangent of the polar elevation of the Ascendant, i. In low and middle latitudes, topocentric house cusps tend to differ from Placidus house cusps by less than one degree. Only closer to and beyond the polar circles, the differences become more pronounced.

Beyond the polar circles, the Polich-Page house system sometimes generates absurd and impractical house positions. The house system was invented by the Hungarian-Argentinian astrologer Wendel Polich and the English-Argentinian astrologer Anthony Nelson Page erfunden. More information in the Astro Wiki. The diurnal arc and the nocturnal arc of the Ascendant are divided into equal-sized segments respectively. Then great circles are drawn from the North point through the segment points to the South point.

The intersections of these circles with the ecliptic mark the APC house cusps. However, it needs to be mentioned that the house cusps , , , and are not exactly opposite each other. Back to the overview list. The house system Pullen Sinusoidal Delta also known as Neo-Porphyry house system determines the house sizes from a sinus function depending on the size of the quadrants. You can find more detailed information on the mathematical process in the Documentation of the Swiss Ephemeris, chapter 6. The house system was invented in by the American astrologer Walter Pullen born , the author of the astrology software Astrolog.

The First House

The house system Pullen Sinusoidal Ratio determines the house sizes from a sinus function depending on the size of the quadrants. The house system was invented in by the American astrologer Walter Pullen born , the author of the astrology software Astrolog, and should replace the house system Pullen SD.

The Meanings of the Houses

Back to the over view list. The Sripati house system first calculates the house cusps according to Porphyry, i. Then the cusp of each house is moved to the middle of the previous house. In this house system, the Ascendant and MC are not identical with the cusps of houses 1 and The Sripati house system originates in Indian Astrology.

In this house system the celestial sphere is divided into an 'orange' with 12 commensurate segments. The axis of this orange runs through the celestial poles, whereas its 'equator' comes to lie on the celestial equator hence the name 'poli-equatorial'. Therefore, the house cusps lie on the Meridians. The Meridian of the 1st house cusp runs through the Ascendant. In this house system, the 1st house cusps is identical with the Ascendant, but the 10th house cusp is not identical with the MC. How do you deal with that? I have worked with only two systems over the years, Equal House and Placidus, the most commonly used ones in the U.

I used Equal House from the early s perfectly happily, finding that the system worked well for me. Then I changed to Placidus in Now, in , I am moving back to using Equal House again — for philosophical reasons this time, as you will see shortly.

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Those students were all very rusty and wanted to cover the basics again. Inevitably, the question of house division came up. Having covered the core meanings of the houses in an introductory class, we recently spent a whole tutorial looking in more detail at the issue of house division. The methods I adopted on this occasion were twofold: firstly, I gave the class copies of their charts in Equal House to compare with their existing Placidus charts.

Then I drew up a grid for each chart, of which we all had a copy. Thus, we could see at a glance those features which stayed the same in both systems, and which ones changed. In some charts, many features changed. In others, such as my own, there was very little difference. We worked our way around everyone in the small group, discussing how interpretations might change, and most importantly, how much that mattered by potentially altering the emphasis on key horoscope themes.

This was just one example in which, whatever shift we saw of planets from one house to another, there was invariably an underlying theme in the birth chart, so that the emphasis being slightly shifted in one context made little if any difference to the overall accuracy of interpretation of the whole horoscope. Interestingly, more than half of our small group, despite my having worked with all students with Placidus since , said they preferred the relative simplicity of the Equal House system.

In my own case, although ruling planet Mercury moved from the sociable, group-oriented Placidus 11th house to join five other planets in the reclusive 12th by Equal House, I have an exact semi-square from Mercury to 10th-house Uranus in both systems.

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  • The Mercury energy also flows from the 12th house in an exact sextile to Neptune, and a square to 3rd-house Jupiter in both systems. So any reclusive tendencies brought about by the move into the 12th are augmented by other horoscope factors! The students could see from our small experiment something that is fundamental to the accurate reading of any horoscope: strong themes will shine through, whatever way you divide up the circle. You can perform almost any technique with the data, turn the chart inside out or slice it up, and still the symbolic pictures remain….

    Houses for different approaches Some astrologers use different house systems for different purposes. Also, although I have never worked with the Koch system, I know that some astrologers swear by the accuracy of its house cusps in plotting transits and progressions. Equal House: the return In conclusion, the students were very keen to know why I had decided to return to working with the Equal House system.

    For giving me the final shove in that direction, I want to thank Phoebe Wyss and her excellent recent book, Inside the Cosmic Mind. The number 12 is one of those sacred numbers. Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. Thank you for a nice article. I like the Koch system … transits and progressions work very well in this system. Have a bunch of clients in Norway however, and I do abandon Koch at some of those high latitudes … it produces really frightening charts in that case!

    Yes, the same problem occurs with Placidus also at high latitudes…you should try out Equal House. I am feeling very enthusiastic about it all over again, these days! I enjoyed the article. Placidus equals psycho — analysis and Koch equals life events. I cannot imagine myself reading a chart any other way. The equal house system was easy, hand calculated for hundreds of years and stayed with us until Astrology BC Before Computers.

    Thanks for your comment, Duke.

    Dominion , or the System of 8 Houses by Patrice Guinard

    The question of which house system to use is a controversial one, and probably always will be! The main thing is to find one s which make sense to you in the context of how you practice and — most importantly — enable you to do a positive, accurate and constructive job for your clients.

    Astrology is a broad church; how dull it would be if we all agreed with one another…. I do agree with you in what makes sense for an individual. We are all wired differently, and finding the end means of Truth is what really is important.

    The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope

    I really appreciate your perspective on the Houses, Anne. The chart does seem like a holograph that you can view from many different perspectives and still see the same basic themes. I often wish a client could read my chart simultaneously as I read theirs.