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If Today is Your Birthday forecast for November 9th: Predictions for the year ahead of love, relationships, Scorpio Ascendant Daily Horoscope.

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You agree on everything and it's backed up with some serious feelings. Conversations are energized with passionate opinions that are typically shared. This is the kind of best friend who brings pints of your favorite ice cream over and a four pack of kleenex tissues for a single viewing of classic rom-coms when the Tinder date ghosted again.

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You don't have to mask any emotions, wear it all — maybe snot literally — on your sleeve. Is it possible to hog the spotlight? Your Galentine's Day together is all about pushing the other into the adoring spotlight. And just because you two are vibrant, warm people you both understand that there's complexity to your human condition.

Chart Compatibility How to Interpret Astrology For Love or Friendship Relationship Compatibility

Like, sometimes you get self conscious. And maybe you don't want to showcase that to your Instagram followers. But your Leo bestie understands the contradiction of light and dark, doesn't judge and works effortlessly to get you back to feeling your best when you need it most. If you're looking to find a partner to enter a business venture with you, look no further than your Capricorn BFF. The most organized of the zodiac is also one of the hardest workers you know.

Which is great because you both understand each other's over time hours at the office.

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Your energies combined could bring the world some quality products. But forget about us, you two are probably attached at the hip shopping for office supplies right now. I would personally like to be invited to your shared Pinterest boards just to gawk at the artful color coding you put together for your first apartment's interior decor. You most likely met your Aquarius counter part at basketball practice after work.

The two of you tend to flock towards social gatherings and aren't afraid to sign up for an event, service, team or any other kind of opportunity that gets you out of the house. But what's best about this friendship is that as in tune with each other you are in the social wild, your core values of friendship and family keep things balanced. As fun as it can be to take over a dance floor, it's just as fun to order in Chinese food and discuss the latest book you both read. For the kind of person who has intense emotions when returning from a first Bumble date, a Pisces could keep your wedding venue google history search to a minimum.

There's no judgment, and yes, girl, that long sleeve A-line would look stunning on you, but Pisces is the kind of counterpart who is perfect to dial back the extreme passion Scorpios sometimes possess.

Zodiac Friendship Compatibility

You two never hold anything emotional against each other and encourage the other to live their greatest, emotional truth. No matter how scary that can be. Your Pisces bestie is always in your court. Sagittarius needs a partner in adventure. Someone to bring endless inside jokes to the grueling hike.

The Signs Of A Compatible Friendship, According To Astrology

Someone to indulge in two hundred selfies with at the peak that overlooks the blazing foliage that really brings out the green in your eyes. If you're scanning through your contacts looking for that one friend it's probably your Leo pal you land on every time. While you pack the snacks and first aid kit, Leo has the stories that will keep you laughing over the hours you can easily spend with each other.

Your Taurus best friend might be the first handle to pop up on your Instagram suggested search. While Capricorns strategize a plan of action for the two of you to be on the next season of The Bachelor , Taurus is the ride or die bestie who is down to carry the plan out so that one of you can be the next Bachelorette.

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You view conversation much like an engaging tennis match. Gripping, back and forth action that keeps you on your toes. Thankfully, you have your Gemini best friend standing by their phone at all hours to converse with wherever they are.

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  4. Aquarius craves an intellectual connection and Geminis are reading twelve books at once. There's no shortage of conversation or topic and if you two didn't spearhead a school paper in high school, perhaps there's a podcast in your future. Your Cancer best friend is most likely your gallery hopping buddy. If you are the friend of a Cancer, you will always be met with love , care, and hospitality. Cancerians are protective and wholly considerate of their loved ones. It honestly brings them joy to help others, especially their friends.

    Often they take a passive approach to making friends, waiting for you to come to them, and can be a little picky. Compatibility: Cancer can seriously struggle in relationships with Sagittarius or Aquarius. Some issues may arise with Aries and Libra, maybe even Capricorn.

    Leos are outgoing, they accept people at face value, and have a sunny disposition. If you befriend a Leo you can expect a lot of warmth, loyalty, honesty, and support. They enjoy and even take pride in friendship. Compatibility: Friendship between a Leo and a Capricorn or Pisces could be extremely difficult. Leos may feel some strain with Scorpio, Taurus, and even Aquarius. Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, Virgoans make great friends. They are gentle, charming, and sympathetic as well as a wealth of information on many subjects.

    Those born a Virgo also feel intense loyalty to those they call friend. Virgoans can struggle to make friends due to their nervous and shy nature, often they battle with a low self-confidence as well which makes reaching out to others difficult for them. And their cold and critical nature can drive away friends. Compatibility: Virgo may find it hard to befriend a Sagittarius, Gemini, or even Pisces. Things can be tumultuous between a Virgo and Aries or Aquarius.

    Libra is a social butterfly: they enjoy parties, are dynamic, and are at their best when surrounded by friends. Life, for a Libra, revolves around friends and communication. And they are very devoted friends and will work tirelessly to help their friends in any way possible. At their worst they are narcissistic, indolent, and manipulative. Compatibility: Friendship between a Libra and a Capricorn, Aries, or Cancer may be difficult to form and maintain but it could really go either way with this sign. Also, a Libra could struggle to befriend a Pisces or Taurus.

    Scorpios tend to surround themselves with a small circle of friends. In return, they expect loyalty and respect from these chosen friends. Known for being wise beyond their years and giving good advice, this sign is also marked by their generosity and hospitality. They can easily become overbearing, even possessive and suspicious.

    Compatibility: Scorpio is likely to experience trouble if they try to befriend an Aries or Gemini. They may not mesh well with Aquarius, Leo and even Taurus. Considerate, charming, and enthusiastic, Sagittarians are quick and eager to make friends, and lots of them. In fact they are so optimistic and happy it can be disarming. They enjoy adventure and are open for anything. They go with the flow of things and are very open to new people from all walks of life.

    They defend their friends and are very giving. They can also be eccentric and find it hard to keep secrets. They can also be impatient, preach to their friends, and be a little fanatical. Compatibility: Relationships with Cancer and Taurus can be turbulent. Sagittarius can also experience issues when befriending Pisces and Virgo, sometimes even Gemini. Capricorns can be difficult to grow close to, especially if you are intimidated by their hard exterior, but once you become their friend they are caring, generous, and very loyal. Actually, once you become close to a Capricorn and earn their trust, they can seem like an entirely different person: warm, loving, and fun.

    They are loyal and prove their sincerity through showing total devotion and they will stay by your side no matter what happens, and will never neglect you even in bad times. If Cancer is the Matriarchal friend, Capricorn is the Patriarchal and can behave more as a parent than friend, especially considering that they are usually more mature than those their age. Sometimes Capricorns can come off as condescendin g or preachy when giving advice, but they honestly mean the best.

    Your Ideal Friendship, According to the Zodiac - Man Repeller

    They are not very good judges of character and can often become caught up with bad people. If hurt or betrayed, Capricorns become hateful. If they suspect one friend of a wrong doing they can become suspicious of all friends; they may even test their friends when in this state. At their worst a Capricorn may use a friend to further their ambitions.

    Compatibility: It may be difficult for a Capricorn to befriend an Aries, Libra, and sometimes Cancers.