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If Today is Your Birthday forecast for November 9th: Predictions for the year ahead of love, relationships, Scorpio Ascendant Daily Horoscope.

Both appear to portend outstanding breakthroughs. In fact, an eclipse will often instantly change the timetables of your goals—pushing them forward at dizzying speeds. Often an event from the outside world, over which you have no control, will come to your doorstep to bring about change. Eclipses repeat signs and precise mathematical degree every 19 years, so think back to August 7, and August 21, ; the eclipses will be similar in many ways. Try to find a theme that emerged back then—a new set of opportunities will arise now along the same lines.

Think of an eclipse as a full moon or new moon on steroids—it has a long sphere of influence, possibly as long as a full year. The coming eclipses in August are unique in their friendly nature. Most eclipses are mixed, some are downright difficult, but these are sunny and affirming, which is highly unusual. You may turn your nose up at traditional methods of education yet find yourself almost absorbing information from thin air when you are truly fascinated by a topic.

The energies that you encounter in your environment have an immense influence on you and therefore you must be mindful of the situations you surround yourself with. Occasional seclusion from the world is necessary for you to replenish your inner balance and serenity. However, do not cut yourself off to such a degree that you become obsessed about your own short comings, as you can tend to wallow in despair if left alone for too long.

You may find that you heal better through alternative methods such as visual aids or massage therapy. Creative or artistic subjects will usually hold your attention, especially those involving the written word, acting, or music as you can be quite imaginative. It may be easier for you to convey your thoughts in creative ways rather than articulating yourself verbally; you are a bit scatter-brained and your speech may jump around, making you seem less intelligent than you really are.

You are more likely to be guided by your intuition than being forced to accommodate concrete conclusions based on hard data. Often you understand how others are feeling prior to them understanding it themselves. You may at times become so lost in your own internal world that you are blind to the physical state of things going on around you. For you, nothing is impossible and you have a fantastic way of keeping your mind open to possibilities.

Non-physical realms exist to you the same way that the physical realm does and your initial inklings about others are unusually spot-on. This gut intuition of yours does not seem to require hard data to be accurate; you just get a sense of things and people. Your thoughts may go down many unexpected roads which affect you a great deal; therefore it would be most beneficial for you to focus on staying positive mentally. Social gatherings with your wide circle of interesting connections are immensely enjoyable to you and you are openly affectionate, though possibly in an unusual and rather removed fashion.

There is a tendency towards being more content with a strictly platonic relationship than with something romantic, as you hold friendship in such high regard. Either way, you certainly would not abide by any sort of involvement that would limit your freedom in any way; you need to have your space to do what you please with anyone you want. You require mental stimulation and rapport from a partner, often in replacement of a more personal, emotional bond. If you do decide to make things romantic, it is imperative to you that your partner allows you as much space to be true to yourself and engage in your various endeavours as possible, or you will likely rebel instead.

You are charismatic, cheerful, and unique as well as easy going, cool, and a bit removed.

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Being removed can be advantageous to you as this allows you to keep from jealous and domineering with others. Your emotions are instead sifted through your brain logically and objectively first. It may be essential for you to develop more empathy and compassion with others. You express your energy in a passive, cooperative fashion. You are likely to avoid confrontations in general, preferring to deal with issues indirectly. Being in the lime-light would only make you uncomfortable and therefore you prefer to work out of sight.

Unfortunately, you will often rather lose something rather than compete for it. You are not particularly concerned with ambitious pursuits and will not engage in competition to get ahead and this can come across to others as cowardly. Being at the top is not something you would strive for and you are better suited to an assisting position, or aiding or benefiting others somehow.

Realistic strategy is difficult for you and it may be a good idea to elicit help when planning ahead. Never certain what exactly it is that you want to do with your life, you wander about aimlessly in search of spiritual fulfilment. You can be quite a daydreamer with an idealistic view, possibly devoting yourself towards religion or spiritual matters. There are artistic inclinations here that can be fruitful if you are able to devote yourself to developing them.

You may seem calm on the exterior, though there is a lot happening on the inside. You are also tactful and subtle with a great sense of humour and a strong intuition. However, indecision wreaks havoc in your life and you may be prone to escapism by substance abuse to avoid your duties. It is imperative that you develop self-discipline. Make an effort to create the changes you want to see in your life, do not expect life to hand them to you on a silver platter. You are a diligent, effective worker and possess good executive abilities. You are capable and will pull out all of the necessary stops to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Brave with immense internal fortitude, though you tend to keep your secrets to yourself. People are irresistibly pulled towards you. Assertive, passionate, and independent would describe your character. Mentally, you can be very energised and productive. However, there is a tendency towards over-indulging in sensual pleasures, including extravagant cuisine, and this may create many problems and health challenges for you. You are likely fascinated by the mystical realm. A skill in healing others may develop. Channel your drive towards enlightenment and benefiting mankind as a whole, possibly through philosophical means.

A strong leader, with excellent administrative and managerial capabilities; you know when to be tactful. You are independent, traditional, well-organised, and proficient. You tend to be more reserved emotionally, seeming to others as aloof and uncaring. Affection is important to you, though you do not know how to go about acquiring or expressing it, instead you remove yourself from others.

However, there are times when you can be harsh, temperamental, and envious; you must be mindful not to use dishonest tactics when realising your goals. You prefer to be respected for being effective and proficient.

Horoscope 2018 - Pisces by Virginia Bell

In health matters, you are susceptible to diseases of the heart. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. Your accomplishments are important to you, and you strive for others to notice and appreciate them. However, you may go one of two ways in regards to your achievements: either you are working hard to please others, or you swing the other direction and give little thought to what anyone else thinks; try to find a balance between the two extremes.

You are driven to find some sort of niche you can excel in and exert a good deal of effort to succeed in whatever it is you choose. It is likely that you will encourage others to follow in your example. This placement bestows determination but also a tendency to flatter yourself in regards to your achievements, boosting about your successes. Depending on whether the Sun is negatively or positively aspected, those in positions of power can either greatly aid you in your success, or create limitations for you.

You tend to be rather emotional in your romantic involvements, as well as your involvements with children. In fact, all situations where children are present are emphasised. Though quite charming, you can be moody and fickle in your romantic relationships. Your craving to be loved and needed by another person may need to be tempered. You are likely to place too high a significance on enjoying yourself and being showered with attention from others. It is important to you to be able to express your emotional state at all times and to find pleasing circumstances.

Your constant mood swings may stifle your creative pursuits. In a career, you are often drawn to teaching positions involving children or some sort of theatrical endeavour where your creativity may come forward. In either case, situations in your life tend to be dramatic. Written or spoken communication may be part of your career path as you have an excellent talent for articulating your thoughts, and others are likely to take notice of it. You are very mentally active and physically agile, often being thrown into situations where you must make use of these skills.

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There is a tendency to be a Jack-of-all-trades and it would be difficult for you to choose only one type of career. Traveling or teaching may be part of your career path. Highly interested in foreign cultures, you are likely to move away from where you were raised. Travelling in all forms is very appealing to you and you are likely to experience a gain from these situations.

You are able to be a diplomatic presence between different cultures. There is a strong interest and enjoyment in religious ceremonies, philosophical studies, education, or law and you enjoy creative material brought to you from other cultures such as music, art, or items that are aesthetically pleasing. You are just and reasonable in legal transactions. You are assertive and highly motivated to achieve in your career.

You aspire to reaching the top and it is likely that you will, as you have great administrative and managerial capabilities. You prefer to be the reason for your own success, leading yourself rather than following others. Self-sufficient and goal oriented, you may encounter some tension with those in higher positions at work, your parents, or other authority figures.

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  8. You are best suited for working in an environment where the challenges vary, rather than being stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. You are a loyal and responsible worker, always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Work is satisfying to you and you tend to motivate your co-workers to better collaborate with one another. Enjoying your occupation too much sometimes can make you a workaholic; try to pace yourself. This placement bestows you with good health, though you need to be mindful about indulging too frequently in drink or rich foods.

    Your circulatory system may be more susceptible to trouble and you must be mindful of your liver. You have an amazing ability to concentrate on the deeper things in life. You tend towards more serious thinking and can be very patient when you want to get things done right. You keep your mind well organised and can excel in strategy or mathematical concepts, which you may participate in as a hobby.

    You do not mind engaging in projects that you would need to be involved with for a long period of time. There is a tendency towards a pessimistic attitude, in addition to feeling lonely and possibly even depressed. You may find yourself having issues communicating with your family and your immediate community and this may cause you to isolate yourself from them. Instead, try to think positively and focus on moving ahead. Be mindful of oxygen issues as your lungs may be sensitive; try to keep air in your sleeping quarters circulating well.

    You possess an eccentric mind with an aptitude for thinking outside-the-box. This coupled with a strong intuition and will-power allows you to lead others into interesting, original endeavours. It is beneficial for you to listen to and develop your intuition as yours may be more accurate than most. You like to find fresh and often unusual ways of doing things. There is never a dull moment with you around and this stimulating personality attracts others to you.

    Unfortunately, your unique individuality may cause you to feel discontent and lonely at times; it is not often easy to be ahead of your time. However, at times you will find yourself a bit anxious and high-strung, with a high degree of mental activity that can cause you to neglect your physical state.

    You are a natural performer and have a charming stage presence as you have a great artistic ability. Idealistic and imaginative, you may sometimes be impractical. You are often seeking romantic situations that are unrealistic and your attachments tend to end suddenly with little known cause. Wearing rose-coloured glasses in regards to love relationships, you can be quite the romantic. This placement indicates that you will encounter many challenges with your offspring and your love life, sacrificing much for both, yet with little reward. Your children may necessitate special attention.

    Always searching for answers and you usually find them as you have the flexible, penetrating mind of a detective.

    For Pisces, 2018 will be all about inspiration and great visions

    You particularly enjoy solving problems and may do research or puzzles on your free time as a hobby. You are often probing for deeper meaning and it is important to you to decipher truth. On occasion, you will find yourself feeling rather frustrated or anxious when solutions do not come to you as quickly as they usually do. Writing down your thoughts may help you come to an understanding and release some mental anxiety; you can find this regenerating to your entire system. You may use this method to cleanse your mind as you can put the past behind you and start anew.

    The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac.

    Sabian Symbol: An easter celebration is enjoyed by the rich and the poor. Kozminsky Symbol: Holding a spear of gold is an officer. Sabian Symbol: At the circus a lion tamer shows his skill. Kozminsky Symbol: Angels lead the Virgin Astraea away from the world of darkness, her eyes are bandaged. Sabian Symbol: A master and pupil are both content in their relationship. Kozminsky Symbol: As a greyhound runs in the distance, a diseased man is lying on a cross of stones. Sabian Symbol: A deserter comes to the realization that freedom is never free. Kozminsky Symbol: Holding a cross, an old man walks.

    Sabian Symbol: A petrified forest.

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    4. Kozminsky Symbol: A ship with fish on deck, darkness has fallen and a small cottage is lit on fire, lights reflect in the water. Sabian Symbol: The king of the fairies is welcomed by his people.

      Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

      Kozminsky Symbol: An anxious sailor steers the ship in rough waters. Sabian Symbol: A middle-aged woman cuts her long flowing hair into a bob for the very first time. Kozminsky Symbol: Wounded in flight and swooping near the ridge of a mountain, a wounded eagle leaves drops of blood that turn into a brood of young eagles. Sabian Symbol: Peering over his reading glasses, a kind professor is ready to address his students. Kozminsky Symbol: With a gigantic rat in his beak, a crow stands. Sabian Symbol: A garden party is enhanced with Japanese lanterns and live classical music is playing.

      Kozminsky Symbol: An assertive and distinguished man gives food and money to the poor and needy. Sabian Symbol: Standing upon the stage, a woman activist makes an emotional speech to the surrounding group of men. Kozminsky Symbol: Lying shattered before a cross of stone, lies a sword.

      Find your Strength using Mathematical Cycles - Astrology - Interview with Susan Miller

      Sabian Symbol: A disappointed and alone woman leaves a room. Kozminsky Symbol: With chains on his wrists, a man asks the crowd for a pardon. Toggle navigation. Birth Chart: Susan Miller Pisces. Sun blending with Mercury. Mercury discordant to Uranus. Moon discordant to Mercury.

      Sun discordant to Uranus. Sun discordant to Moon. Venus discordant to Saturn. Mars discordant to Jupiter. Moon discordant to Uranus. Neptune harmonizing with Pluto. Moon harmonizing with Jupiter. Jupiter harmonizing with Saturn. Venus harmonizing with Jupiter. The Pisces Symbol. However, the full moon might test your patience, especially if things are not going at an efficient enough clip. With this shiny, super Pisces full moon beaming in your sixth house of routine and maintenance, you could easily get lost in the sea of your own busyness. Make your to-do lists relatively short each day this week, and be sure you set up activities to do with your peeps that will be stimulating enough for everyone involved, especially you.

      In other words, put yourself out there, Scorpio! A super full moon in Pisces might as well be a bunch of sirens that seem to call to you from under your pillow on your bed. As a result, your week could start with some sluggishness. So be mindful of your manners. The seas of a super Pisces full moon are actually good doses of inspiration and energy for a Capricorn sea-goat. Inspired by this full moon, you could find yourself wildly and deliciously capricious.

      This could lead to some mind-blowing prospects to develop when Mercury faces off with ingenious Uranus on the 13 th. However, you should start the makeover from an unlikely place: your dreams. Stir some shit up instead. That fits a similar message that Mercury gets from Uranus the usurper on the 13 th. Fortunately, for you, this cuts both ways.

      Mercury also has important messages to deliver to you from ingenious Uranus for novel ways to boost your income, including new job leads. Additionally, you may gain some insights on where you can improve current spending habits to make your money go farther.