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They have strong beliefs and will not let anyone change them. Like the rock they are, they will not be moved and like the bull they are, they will be hard to tip over.

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They are the most stubborn of the zodiac when it comes to their own beliefs. Once a decision is made there is no changing it. Taurus loves stableness and security. They love their comfort zone the most and will find the best way to stay in it whether if its physically, financially, or environmentally. They work well with simplicity and traditional ways. They hate change and can be very possessive and materialistic. Luxury, quality, and beauty are things that they value when you are looking for something.

Just like the earth sign they are, They are all about containing material. They can be the family man or woman. Family is something they hold a strong value to and as a friend or family member they will be your protectors. Because of Taurus's strong loyalty and love for family and friends they will never give up on them.

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Once a promise is made, they are sure to finish it. Even when it's midnight and you decide to call your Taurus friend as you cry about a certain problem, Taurus would immediately answer, and you would be surprised that he or she picked up the phone faster than a blink of an eye. They would comfort you like a loving mother or father.

Taurus, at times can add a bit of sense of humor when they want to; they don't plan up their jokes but can come up with pretty decent ones. They are usually casual and original but their jokes are full of practicality. When they find a joke that's really funny to them, you'll find a side of them that hasn't laugh so much before.

This shows that Taurus can also be jolly and ebullient. Taurus are loyal and sensual lovers, once they fall in love with you, they fall deep. Taurus loves a stable and calm partner.

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They want someone who can support them and themselves financially and physically. Taurus loves quality. They can be the most sensual and loyal lovers though very possessive. Because they are so Intune to their senses and have such appreciation towards beauty and quality, The bull bases his or her adoration on personality, which in the end Taurus people may have a hard time finding someone because of this. They want to find someone who likes them for who they are and could be very sensual at the same time be able to give them the security they need.

Taurus is generally quite stubborn in a lot of areas in their lives - they have a strong dislike for change, and once they settle down with their routines, it can take a great effort to get them to change. They are not just stubborn, but also strong willed. They tend to stick to their guns and be very methodical about their approach to actions. Many under this zodiac sign therefore are full of integrity. For pleasure, Taurus tends to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, anything physical will generally make them happy, and this extends to any kind of food, drink, or entertainment - anything that they can absorb with all of their senses.

They often have great taste as well and a deep appreciation for finer things. Being an Earth sign, having a close proximity or access to nature is very important, and people with the Taurus sign can often be found living and settling down in the country. Being lovers of nature, they don't like long periods spent stuck inside, or stuck in built up areas and cities. A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities.

People who share the Taurus zodiac sign are usually very loyal and reliable people.

Love Match for Taurus

Never the one to do things in a rush, they will take their time and act only once they have deliberately made their decision. The choices that they finally do make will usually be the right one. As such, they are often quite patient with others, giving them the time and space to do what they need to. They are hard workers, especially when the reward is rooted in luxury, sensuality or something that invests in their future.

They love to laugh and spend time with friends and family. Their love of food and anything luxurious and sensual mans that they are easy to buy for and easy to please.

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They are always up for experiencing these types of things with their social circle. As their constellation and symbol they are known for can testify, those born under the Taurus zodiac sign can be bullish and stubborn. They do not like quick change and will fight very hard against it.


It is difficult to change their mind once they have made a decision, and this can make for a tough situation if you have to work on a shared project with them. When changes are needed, it can be difficult to convince them that it is necessary, and even when you do, they will naturally want to take their time and progress gradually, which can irritate their teammates, family and friends. Sometimes their connection to the material world can make them a bit possessive - with both people and things.

Their appreciation for what be sensual can become greedy for those under this zodiac sign that lack maturity or low self-esteem. Being naturally patient people, it takes a lot to make a Taurean angry, but when they are, be sure to stand back as far as you can.

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  6. This zodiac sign is rather fierce and protective when they are pushed too far and too fast. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. The Taurus zodiac sign likes to take it slow in all areas of their life, and love is no different.

    They need to establish a strong foundation and feel secure and stable before making the decision to establish a relationship. They may take a while to commit to any serious relationship - but this also means that they will stick with a relationship and work hard to make it good. They often make loyal marriage partners, reliable parents, and attentive lovers. The downside of this however, is that they can stay in relationships that they are no longer happy in for much longer than they should, thinking that they can make a hard situation work if only they put in the effort.

    They do not tolerate partners breaking their loyalty and will never forget transgressions of fidelity. They are not likely to commit these types of transgressions themselves, and if they do will feel incredibly guilty about it. What delights Taurus the most is the idea of starting a home with their partner, building a life with someone that they adore.

    Loyalty is something that is very important to those under the Taurus zodiac sign. They will be fiercely loyal to friends and family, and usually expect the same from others. They love to laugh and are generally the funny ones in their friend groups.

    They will savor any time spent with family and friends, and will never miss the opportunity to help the ones that they love.